Social Responsibility

Great Responsibility
for Environmental Protection:Taihui Practices "Beautiful Love"

Taihui has always adhered to the environmental protection concept of “controlling pollution, saving energy, reducing consumption, beautifying the environment, and being safe and healthy”.

Since starting production in 2007, Taihui Nantong Plant has continuously improved printing and dyeing equipment and used new environment-friendly dyes according to the III emission standard in GB8978-1996 "Integrated Emission Standard of Sewage Pollutants". In addition, it has imported "ultrafiltration and reverse osmosis systems" from Toray, Japan and invested 20 million yuan in waste water and waste gas treatment to ensure that the controlled PH value of discharged wastewater is 6-9 and the wastewater utilization rate reaches 60%. So it has become an environment-protection and clean-production advanced enterprise in Nantong City, Jiangsu Province.

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